10 reasons why you are not happy

10 reasons why you are not happy

Happiness is a free gift and it is us to choose the choice to be happy. There might be varied reasons why you are not happy – worrying a lot, struggling financially, unhealthy, hectic job, missed opportunities, etc., however lack of happiness is not on the probable reasons but it is your choice and decision … Read more10 reasons why you are not happy

Things to know before getting your dream job

A carpenter working

For some people getting a dream job seem too far away but at the same time, they may feel that nothing is too impossible. The harder is our present scenario where only the expertise is recruited, and laymen despite holding a degree from reputed institute or university, walk in-lane of helplessness. The longer we live … Read moreThings to know before getting your dream job

How to self-discipline to achieve your goals


How do you self-discipline yourself in order to achieve something you wish? Well, there are different practices to get it. Sometimes, you might be wondering despite many attempts of getting work done, you are still on the same page. What is self-discipline? Self-discipline means your unwavering ability to put yourself in an uncomfortable position to … Read moreHow to self-discipline to achieve your goals

Five components of Emotional Intelligence

OVERVIEW OF FIVE COMPONENTS OF EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE Have you ever noticed that some people never seem to get angry or frustrated? They are friendly and easy-going, always in the cheer-up mood and handle the challenges well. Chances are that these kind of people are highly emotionally intelligent. These people know what their emotional state is … Read moreFive components of Emotional Intelligence

10 tips to boost your personality

I can’t change. I am who I am. This is a saying that I sometimes heard of. Sometimes, people think that they can’t change their inborn personality traits. But let me tell you that you can change it with little effort. These 10 tips can boost your personality and it can be improved with gradual … Read more10 tips to boost your personality

How to overcome depression naturally

How to overcome Depression naturally

You might be experiencing the symptoms of depression but you might not realize that you’re suffering from it. Sometimes, we experience lowliness, helplessness and sadness without apparent reasons. But if this continues for weeks then this is not a positive sign. However, these simple natural ways can help you to overcome depression and help ease … Read moreHow to overcome depression naturally

Effective practices to be a better person

Effective practices to be a better person

How often do you spend wasting your time on unproductive activity? Today, internet addiction is not uncommon. Young and adult alike are entrapped. Despite many trials to become a better self, you still can’t see the change. No matter how many times you watched motivational talks, videos and speeches or read a number of self-help … Read moreEffective practices to be a better person

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