10 reasons why you are not happy

10 reasons why you are not happy

Happiness is a free gift and it is us to choose the choice to be happy. There might be varied reasons why you are not happy – worrying a lot, struggling financially, unhealthy, hectic job, missed opportunities, etc., however lack of happiness is not on the probable reasons but it is your choice and decision that teaches you to be happy.

You are the only master who designs your day or life. So is happiness. Let’s look at the following 10 reasons why you’re not happy.

You procrastinate hell a lot

How many times do you put off your to-do lists, for no reason? Sometimes we do. But when it becomes our daily thing, then you are asking for the source of frustration.

Procrastination will leave you stress-out because you fail to do what you are supposed to do.

It can eat up your potentials – you might be on the verge of great success driven by endowed talents and efforts but the moment you are stuck with procrastination, the downfall will never forget its purpose.

The more you fulfil your duty and responsibility, the more you feel better about yourself. And it adds up to your happiness.

You never stop comparing with others

Your eyes and mind are fixated to work closely to scan at a person who is better off than you are. And then the next thing you do is try matching up with that person. Remember that you have only a microscopic look at that person’s life. There is a whole lot more that you don’t know.

Everything has its own story i.e. living or non-living. In the journey of becoming what we are, everyone goes through different highs and lows. Some few people might grow up less demanding for the reasons we should never bother about.

As our planet revolves so do things – it alternates day after day. Everything faces its turn, whether be hard, easy, heavy or light. Nobody can evade this law. So stop comparing. Stop it right away.

You don’t have a proper sleeping routine

Sleeping is one of the most important things in our life.

Lack of sleep can cause myriad problems such as poor decision-making, poor memory, inefficient problem solving and it can also affect our mental health, immune system & emotional well-being. It drains our happiness.

Set a time to fall and to rise. Following this simple routine will agent you to be more healthy and happy.

You don’t know what is instant gratification?

You might be too often indulge in instant satisfaction because you are too impatient to wait for the right time.

It is a habit that makes you indulge in fleeting pleasures that eventually cause you pain and regret.

Gratification happens either in mind or body. For example, daydreaming can use up your time and energy. Or spending too much time on social media, TV or other internet platforms.

Have a futuristic look at yourself. And ask this: What do I want this person to be in the next 3 or 5 years from now?

You’re too emotional

Our emotions are the lifeline that gives meaning to our lives. Nobody can possibly live without them. But when you are overwhelmed almost every time by emotions, particularly negative emotions such as fear, sorrow, sadness, panic, etc. Then your emotions are taking control of your life. You don’t feel and won’t feel the real inner freedom.

Learn to understand and manage your emotions.

You don’t do physical exercises

Are you a room buddy, a couch potato? Or are too busy with your work? This habit is not healthy at all.

When we do exercises, the body releases hormones such as Endorphin, dopamine, serotonin, etc. which help to maintain our mood, feelings, reduce stress and anxiety. It makes us feel good and balance our overall health.

You live in your what-if

We have regrets and nobody can deny that. But living in your past bad, unfortunate events, failure and wasted times won’t help you to go further. You live in your wishes – what if I have done that? What if I am like that person? What if… and more of what if drama.

Instead, ask this – “what if I’m happier.”

You have high expectations

Generally, people with this attitude are not happy. Because they think that all people or things should favour them. These kind of people are not accepting things as they are, instead, they want things to be as they “should be.”

Know that there is something called ‘reality.’ And it can be positive or negative. So be prepared to meet the uncertainty of life.

You don’t want to know

You’re not adaptable, you’re not opening doors to know many different things. You’re caged by the wrong approach to learning. Without learning, possibly you’re not growing. And learning is not exclusive to reading only.

Yet reading gives you the world of others. It gives you to understand and draw another point of view to a situation. You will come to know others’ conditions – their struggles, sufferings and the reasons. It will throw light and give you the meaning to hide your trivial problems and live up to the purpose of life – a happier life.

Give your time to learn new things every day.

You are a complain king/queen

No one is free from a complaint. But have you ever say or talk about your personal problems even the trivial ones like nails or hair growing faster, dirty clothes, or your gas runs off while cooking, salty food, minor arguments, or neighbour playing loud music because they have a celebration. Such silly reasons should not make you unhappy any longer.

It’s time you rethink about your nature of complaints.

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