10 tips to boost your personality

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I can’t change. I am who I am. This is a saying that I sometimes heard of. Sometimes, people think that they can’t change their inborn personality traits. But let me tell you that you can change it with little effort. These 10 tips can boost your personality and it can be improved with gradual effort followed by consistency and as the time pass by, the result will be awesome. Enhancing one’s personality is important as it helps to grow personally and also helps in professional life.

For some people developing or enhancing personality can be a hard task. Because of the upbringing environment or other factors that made them stayed aloof from the ordered social cultures. We are all born with different personality traits and we should all appreciate one’s differences. You might be wondering how I can boost my personality when I barely know about myself. Well, this article will guide you in simple ways to boost your personality.

What is personality? It is your set of qualities that make you stand out from the people. It is your ‘self’ portrayal before others with distinctness. Your behaviours, talking, feeling, etc. hint your type of personality.

Since we are one of the members of society, we need to know to carry ourselves and stay updated to the norms and cultures of the trending society.

Follow these simple tips to boost your personality.

Start Your Day with a Workout

Doing exercise helps you to stay fresh throughout your day. You will be positive and will be the agent of happiness and comfort for others around you. Because of the positive ambience, you created. You will have the confidence and any sort of challenge that throws on you, you will be able to tackle it.

To-Do List

Spend a minute or two to write down your to-do-list for a day. This practice will positively impact on your personal development and your work efficiency and your life. Many people don’t do this. But people who do this regularly and stick to it, they have a much better life – more satisfaction and happiness.

Have sympathy

People at different points of time need someone’s help. This might not be in terms of material or money but even the most common ones such as listening. Listen to what they say and understand them and give positive comments. You might not have a solution at hand but the way you listen and comment can help ease their problems and hard times.

Your hospitality matters

This is something people don’t talk about. But let me tell you that showing warm hospitality to your visitors and guests show who you are. Your words and actions matters here. Welcoming your guests with a smiling face, serving a glass of water, offering something to eat or drink, engaging with them and asking some open-ended questions can do a lot for your personality.

Personal Hygiene

Having a good personality comes with the first impression. And it is your personal hygiene that gives the first look of who you are before others. Maintain your room neat and tidy. Take bathe every day. Wear a clean dress. Combed your hair. Avoid scratching your body parts in front of others. Eat your food mouth closed. Floss your teeth regularly. And smell good. It doesn’t mean that you should spray perfume. No. You should have a good natural body odour. This comes from the type of food you eat and your habits. Personally, I consume a lot of fruits and vegetables and I am happy with it.

Social manners

In a social setup, asking for help often even for basic things is not a good thing. So learnt that you carry your basic necessities such as a wallet with some money, a phone, a water bottle, etc.

Learn to treat others with respect whether low or high. All men/women deserve equal respect. Return your borrowed money/things in case you have lest they will start ignoring you.

Saying ‘please,’ ‘thank you,’ ‘excuse me,’ ‘sorry,’ are all the basic societal expected etiquettes. We grow up learning these basics from a very young age. But some don’t practice it which is bad and not appreciated.

Sharpen your social skills

The more you have these skills, the more you will have confidence. Wearing a smile on your face makes a lot of difference for the people around you. That is a positive signal of you.

Learn to give effective communication with others. And be an active listener.

In a social circle, be a better conversationalist. Don’t scream and talk. Talk in your natural tone. Take out some current issues and discuss the pros and cons. In this way, you will gain some ideas & knowledge from others perspective. It will help grow self-confidence and your relationship with others will certainly boost.

Be Authentic

Carry a true version of yourself. Being phony will not do any good to you instead it will set a bad impression on others. Be natural and appreciating of who you are will make you feel whole. This ‘self-honesty’ will make you feel great about yourself and the people will like it. Embrace your imperfections and go on.

Have a sense of humour

It attracts people. It shows that you’re at ease. And it has an impact on your personality. Being funny doesn’t mean that you forget your responsibilities or seriousness in your work. It just should come from time to time whenever necessary.

Be optimistic about the future

People want to be with a positive person.  Who says, “Everything is going to be fine.” Our lives are very uncertain, so having an optimistic outlook will consume away your worries. Be a smart hard-working buddy. You will forget to worry because you are focused on your present life and this shows that you believe in your great future.

If you follow these 10 tips sincerely, it will surely boost your personality.  

Be happy of who you are and learn to throw the bad traits and refill with the good ones. This is how a man or a woman grows. It may take some time to see the change but consistency is the key.

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