Effective practices to be a better person

Effective practices to be a better person

How often do you spend wasting your time on unproductive activity? Today, internet addiction is not uncommon. Young and adult alike are entrapped. Despite many trials to become a better self, you still can’t see the change. No matter how many times you watched motivational talks, videos and speeches or read a number of self-help books. You are still on the same page just like yesterday. Well, this common yet believe to be effective practices might change you.

Here are some tips that may help you find yourself in a better position than you are now in just a few days, conditioning yourself to make it happen.

Sleeping Regimen

Personally, I feel sound well-rested night makes me cheer up for the day. Every exhausted system of our functioning body gets geared up with brand new energy to make our day great and productive. And also you will feel happier and thankful. Many people ignore their sleep and don’t listen to their body. We should listen to our body message and act accordingly. This never expiring old saying ‘Early to bed and early to rise’ is still worth following.

Give no excuses

It is deceitful to our own self to procrastinate our task for another day. Get things done which are due for a day. Don’t fool yourself by yourself. It is befitting to be a loser if you’re finding yourself in this category. Because this will not bring anything good for you. Do it when you don’t want to do it and you will see the miracle.

Never be a past dweller

We, human beings have strong memories. So anything that happened in our own personal life often haunted us especially the negative ones. There’s nobody in this world who is free from this drama of past negative effects. But the only difference between past dweller & present taker is the latter ignores and kicked the damn off the very idea of that from the very bud.

Embrace the changed of you & your environment

Man survival skills are adaptability. Change of you means a better chance of getting into a better level. Remember. Change is positive. Be alert to take the opportune avenues every time you get the chance. Our steps towards better survival are never without risk. Never risk never development.

Be the man of Character

I mean build up discipline and keep it intact. For it is a discipline that keeps man sails through ups and downs. Let your morals and integrity be the undying light in times of disguised temporary failure.


One who doesn’t know how to respect oneself is nothing less than animals. Learn that. Practice it. And keep it sacred. And thrive on its bountiful blessing. It doesn’t mean that you should exclusively respect yourself and ignore others. One who doesn’t respect oneself doesn’t respect others. Just because one doesn’t know the essence of it.

Know yourself first

For some people knowing self can be a challenging task. Whenever the question of ‘Who am I?’ pops up, you are filled with blank thought nothing to generate about yourself. If this is your case, then you are still not fully aware of about your own self. Self-awareness is the ability to think about your own thought process. Through this way, you can learn about yourself in a deeper sense. All of us young or old and immature or mature have come across this question but as we grow older with different experiences and ventures, we come to realize the true self of us. It takes time. We are evolving beings.

Taking the initiative

Giving your first step is prime important if you want to see the change or improvement in you. Recognizing your responsibility to make things happen and to see a shift from A to B, you need to have the dying spirit. Don’t be bogged down by circumstances and conditions. Taking the initiative based on values rather than feelings and moods will have a great impact on your personal growth.

Be a better listener

Having the skills of listening is a great achievement in one’s life because it is the powerhouse which can generate ample rays to help build yourself and others and society at large.

Be a timekeeper

Many well-known personality figures have time management at hand because it is time that keeps them of who they are. Time is powerful. Value your time and stick to it and keep in check of how you use your time because it can take you from nowhere to somewhere. Becoming a better person is not possible without time being included.

Be hygienic

This sounds absurd but… you know. This habit can change your life – your attitude, your approach and the way you see the world around you. Practising this habit will make you feel awesome about yourself. And the plus points you know many – healthy, etc.

Give time to read

The more you read, the more you learn and improve and at least become one of the effective practices to continue growing. Learning and acquiring knowledge is one of the best ways to help you grow. And also will boost your personality as you expand your areas of interest and the more interesting you become to others. Sharing knowledge with friends and family or even with strangers is a great tool to build a good relationship with them.

Show your light and be helpful

Try doing this. Find some time to sit or stand in a dark room and see what you feel. And think in the context of society – in what areas of things you want to see the word ‘better.’ If you want your neighbourhood to practice cleanliness, you should be the first one to set an example by taking a small step. This will take time but if you are consistent and faithful to your commitment – people will never ignore your work. Being kind and considerate to others can be a huge heavy weight lifter at times because people sometimes need a person who really understands their problems. Helping others can be in different forms so learning how to and when to help is a way to become a better you because it lifts up your spirit and your value and trustworthiness increase.

Exercise to change

Physical exercises have its manifold effective benefits and such practices help us to mould ourselves. Having will power is not enough to see a shift of position. You need to practice it and give time to change its form. Consistency is the key. So if you are trying hard to better yourself in certain areas, you have to exercise to fit into that form.

Keep your promises

Why doing things what you have said will take you to a higher level. It is because you are a human being and live in a society. In society, an individual is defined by personality. So your reliability and trustworthiness lie in the actions of your words.

Be a better critique of yourself

First of all, take time to appreciate yourself of who you are and the talents and potentials you have. Embracing the beauty of life and its positivity can add a new feature in your life. On the other hand, only self-appreciation can have a negative impact on your life. Then here comes the saying, “time for everything.”

Try some new fun hobbies

Effective people aren’t the ones who only focus on their work and work and never give their time for other practices that help us to recreate and rejuvenate. They have some good amount of time to enjoy their hobbies. Trying new things is fun, isn’t it? Find something that you feel is “my thing” and go out, learn, share and connect with other people.

Put gratification at last

Instant gratification practices do not yield an effective result. People who spend their time on pleasure at the first place never get what they previously aspire. Successful people even after their huge achievement in life hardly spend their time and resources for gratification because they know the futility of partaking in it. Hold your thirst – you have food to eat, water to drink, clothing to wear, a bed to sleep. Be thankful with whatever you have and pursue your goals and later you will realize that every bit of hard work is a blessing and there is so much more in life to enjoy apart from gratification.


It is more of a personal choice to be a person that you want than the privileges and open green pastures you have. Nothing is too late to make a new beginning. Therefore, every day should be a blessing, for it is we ourselves who made this blessing. Follow these practices to reap the effective results.

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